We do have a disclosure log on our website that gives details of the number of requests, not who it was from, but a general description of the request, whether we withheld it or not and how many times we took to deal. Unfortunately we log our requests on a Microsoft Access database which is quite low tech and we have not got the provisions to load — redact the sort of 15,000 answers that we have given and upload them to the website because we would need another couple more employees to do that and we have not got the budget to employ them, so until we get a more, sort of better technology, if you like, but saying that, we do say on our website with our disclosure log, that if anybody wants a copy of the request and our response to it, we will gladly give it out. But we do it on an as we need to basis rather than use resources we have not got making information publicly available just in case someone wants to look at it.

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